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Inhabitants of Suceava are engaged in Romania’s Tourism Fair – Monitor of Suceava

The urban area of Suceava, also known as the „City of the Seated Citadel”, will partake in the Autumn Tourism Fair of Romania. The event is set to take place from November 9th to 12th, 2023, at RomExpo, and the representatives of the urban area will showcase the touristic potential of the region, traditions, culture, gastronomy, and traditional clothing from Bucovina.

Deputy Mayor Lucian Harșovschi and Cezar Olariu, the head of the Tourism and Culture Service within the Suceava City Hall, will attend this event to present the beauties of the area and to attract tourists to discover Suceava.

Romania’s Tourism Fair represents an opportunity for travel agencies, tour operators, accommodation and leisure facilities, as well as tourism service providers, or local, national, and international tourism authorities to present their offers and develop partnerships in a professional environment.

The autumn edition of the fair promises to present the newest and most interesting tourist offers, both from Romania and abroad. In its 48th edition, Romania’s Tourism Fair remains a reference event for promoting tourism from within the country and beyond its borders.

Thus, the involvement of the urban area of Suceava in this fair represents an opportunity to attract new clients, to consolidate business partnerships, and to promote the beauties and tourist resources of Bucovina.

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