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Enhancement proposed in Stroieşti: Gheorghe Şoldan, representative of PSD, advocates participation!

The parliamentary member Gheorghe Șoldan, the nominee of PSD for the role of President of Suceava County Council, has conveyed his desire for a transformation in the Stroiești commune alongside the PSD candidate for mayor, Gheorghiță Chirilă. During a meeting with around 100 residents of the commune, Șoldan pledged not to be a politician who only shows up once every four years to request votes. He emphasized his intention to demonstrate that the county can progress more swiftly and effectively. Furthermore, he discussed the importance of advancing each community and stressed that he will be present in every locality, not just in Stroiești. Gheorghiță Chirilă, the PSD nominee for the mayor’s office in the commune, received backing from the PSD team and the residents of Stroiești, who have shown confidence in his ability to elevate the commune to a new stage of development.

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