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Paul-Philippe of Romania to remain in Maltese custody until June 17

The Justice Ministry announced on Wednesday that Paul-Philippe of Romania remains in custody after Malta’s Constitutional Court turned down his request for release.

„The Constitutional Court of Malta rejected today (on Wednesday – Ed. note) a new request by Paul-Philippe of Romania to be released. He remains in custody until the final ruling on the surrender request, i.e. until June 17. Romania’s Justice Ministry, the National Penitentiary Administration, the Brasov Court of Appeal (enforcement court) and all the authorities involved did their job, just as always, and we will continue to make every effort to ensure that the fugitives serve the sentences handed to them in Romanian prisons,” the Justice Ministry said.

On May 20, Justice Minister Alina Gorghiu announced that a Maltese court rejected the request for the extradition of Paul-Philippe to Romania, stating that from the ministry’s point of view the European legislation on the matter of the European arrest warrant „is not properly applied”.

„The enforcement court – the Brasov Court of Appeal – will send an official address to the Maltese Prosecutor’s Office, asking them to duly exercise the right of appeal, so as to prevent procedural errors like those arisen as the French Prosecutor’s Office was handling the case. The Romanian state is using all the legal levers to bring all the fugitives to the country,” Alina Gorghiu said in a release back then, also mentioning that the justices of the Brasov Court of Appeal had notified the EU Court of Justice to rule on some preliminary questions, specifically to say whether the EU legislation in the matter of the European arrest warrant is being observed in the case of Paul of Romania’s extradition.

According to the minister, the first hearing before the CJEU is at the end of June.

In 2020, the High Court of Cassation and Justice definitively sentenced businessman Remus Truica to seven years in prison in the case of the illegal retrocession of the Royal Farm in Baneasa, and Paul of Romania was handed a three years and four months prison sentence in the same case.

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